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Swarovski Crytsal Toes FrenchSwarovski Crystal ToesHeart nail art using OPI GelcolorNail Extensions using CND Brisa Lite Sculpting Soak Off GelOPI Gelcolor Polka Dot SpotsOPI Gelcolor & Glitter HeartOPI Gelcolor - Rockstar Glitter GelOPI Axxium Gel & Swarovski Crystal Wedding NailsWoodland Bouquet Nail Art using real flowersNail ArtOPI Gelcolor - Pink Flamenco FrenchOPI Axxium Gel Nails with Swarovski CrystalsOPI Gelcolor Nail Art - Mandarin, Alpine Snow, OPI InkOPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps - PeacockOPI Axxium Soak Off GelGlitter AcrylicsOPI Gelcolor Pedicure - Big Apple RedSilver Glitter AcrylicAcrylic Hearts Embedded in AcrylicSnow Queen Feather NailsSculpted Acrylic Hearts with Crystals & LED LightsPink & White Acrylic Nail ExtensionsMarbelling with Nail LacquerSculpted Acrylics - Witch3D Sculpted Acrylic Sea Creatures - For Fun!Shells & Crystal Embedded inside Acrylic
OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps - Limited Edition Union Jack
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Little People Hands - Scarlett Age 63D Acrylic Flower
OPI Lacquer on Natural NailsPink & White AcrylicOPI GelcolorOPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps - Limited Edition Union JackOPI Nail Lacquer on Natural NailsOPI Gelcolor
Swarovski CrystalsOPI Nail Lacquer on Natural Nails
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